About Peace Towel

I once fell in love with a towel by the pool in a Florida retirement home and I still fantasize about it. My passion is textiles and I have a specific fondness for jacquard towels. Jacquard is a weaving process in which a pattern is woven front and back simultaneously, creating an inverse pattern on each side. In 2014 I moved back to my native state of California and was surrounded again by the psychedelic visuals of my childhood home near Haight Street in San Francisco. The peace sign is a favorite icon of mine for its simplicity of shape and message. We chose the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) as a longstanding peace organization to support in every towel sale. Our towels are woven in the USA from 100% cotton. We make every effort to be an environmentally responsible business and choose to use no plastic in our packaging. Please compost and recycle!

–Lena Corwin